Holding the dictator’s coat

12 06 2014

Richard Lloyd Parry is Asia editor of the London Times and a regular commentator on Thailand’s politics. In the most recent issue of the London Review of Books, Parry has an article titled “The Story of Thaksin Shinawatra.” In fact, we think it is as much about the failure of the Democrat Party as about Thaksin.

As is well-known, the Democrat Party has fallen at the feet of dictators, abandoned the electoral process and been taken over by the extremists who drove the anti-democrat movement. Of course, others have noted this and scoffed at the party and its failures. As we have regularly observed, the Democrat Party has a long history of cuddling up to dictators in military uniforms, all in the interest of promoting royalism and attacking opponents with royalist slander.

When reading this sorry account of school chums, class war and the failure of the royalist party, we recommend perusal of a story that recently appeared in The Guardian.




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