Internationalizing lese majeste

13 06 2014

Military coup leader General Prayuth Chan-ocha has decided that the coup/takeover of adminstrative power/putsch/illegal military action requires international oomph. He’s been pressuring Cambodia on red shirt exiles there and calling in visitors from like-minded despotic regimes to babble in support of the coup/takeover of adminstrative power/putsch/illegal military action.

As Prachatai reports, the dictator has also decided to interfere in the domestic activities of other countries. Not quite the “ASEAN way,” but we don’t expect any logic or fairness from this despot.

Speaking to “20 Thai ambassadors from 18 countries,” dinosaur-in-chief Prayuth “expressed concerns over seminars held in overseas universities that they may disseminate ‘inappropriate views’ on the Thai monarchy and may violate the notorious lese majeste law.” The fuhrer urged:

the Thai ambassadors not to stay silence [sic.], but take actions against people who commit lese majeste oversea [sic.]. If they find colleges or academics plan to organize an event which may touch on the sensitive issue of the monarchy, the Thai ambassadors should give them the “correct views” on the monarchy and the Article 112 or the lese majeste law.

Prayuth demanded that Thai embassies should spy on political movements in other countries where there were “anti-coup movement[s]” and where there were efforts to “regularly defame… the monarchy” and that the spies report these transgressions to the military dictatorship.

More threats and more huffing and puffing on the monarchy. It is as if the monarchy is teetering and about to collapse like a pack of cards should anyone even dare to mention it in a critical light, even if they are thousands of kilometers from its gilded seat. Maybe it really is that weak and pathetic? Prayuth certainly makes it sound like that for no strong institution would need such international policing.



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