Activist released

25 06 2014

Almost a week ago, PPT posted a call from Human Right Watch regarding the disappearance of red shirt activist Kritsuda Khunasen. She had been detained from 28 May in an unknown place of detention. When the military junta then made another call for her to surrender to them on 18 June, grave fears were held for her safety.

Just a few days ago, we called for the military dictatorship to produce Kritsuda immediately and release her or lay charges.

We doubt that our call had any impact on the junta as they probably are banned from reading us, but the international and domestic pressure forced the military to produce a news report on military-owned and controlled Channel 5 that was a kind of show trial without the trial. It appeared staged and scripted:

She stated how happy and well-treated she’d been while imprisoned the military, saying her detention was “too good for words to say” and was staying longer. Meanwhile, the unbelievably stupid junta had stated that she was held at her own request so she could “meditate.”

Suddenly, within 24 hours, she was released. The junta’s dopey spokesman then made all kinds of contradictory statements about the legality of her illegal detention. Thailand is la-la-land under the military dictatorship.



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2 08 2014
Activist flees | Political Prisoners in Thailand

[…] she was eventually released, the military attempted to cover up its illegal actions by producing a propaganda video that the military junta had played on the its media. At the time, it was clear that a fearful Kritsuda was pressured to state “how happy and […]

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