Ji on coup-loving NGOs

25 06 2014

This is Ji Ungpakorn’s latest commentary. We share his anger and frustration:

NGOs: fawning political cretins

Giles Ji Ungpakorn

While pro-democracy activists are being detained, threatened and jailed by this vicious military junta and while brave activists organise to defeat military rule, Thai NGOs have become fawning political cretins.

The latest declaration by the Northern NGO Coordinating Committee on Development (NGO-COD-North) “demands” that the necessary political reforms, which will take place under the junta “must” emphasise mass participation and seek to reduce inequality and build social justice. This, according to these NGO idiots, “must” take place irrespective of who controls state power!!

Laughed my arse off!!!!!!!!!!!!Giles Ji Ungpakorn

Not one word condemning the coup, the junta or the destruction of human rights.

Do these NGO political cretins really think that any military dictatorship is about creating freedom of expression, mass participation and equality? People are being arrested for reading books in public, eating sandwiches, staging peaceful flash-mobs or even posting anti-coup messages on Facebook. Gatherings of more than five people are illegal. Elections have been postponed indefinitely.

This is “lobby politics” at its most naïve and mindless level.

What accounts for this vacuum in political intelligence among the NGOs?

The NGOs have systematically supported the military and the anti-democratic middle class mobs since 2006. They hate Taksin because he won the hearts and minds of the poor by using state funds to make real improvements to peoples’ lives. He was doing the NGOs out of a job. That is partly why they believe that a coup, which ends democracy, can bring about political “reforms”. They share this view with Sutep’s anti-democratic mob. In practice this means supporting anti-reforms.

Since their creation in Thailand after the collapse of the Communist Party, the NGOs have turned their backs on the idea of the majority of the people seizing state power from the elites. They have shunned the building of political parties and are fiercely opposed to “representative democracy”. In Thailand these autonomist or anarchist views have travelled to their hopeless and logical conclusion. They despise the majority of the population who voted for Taksin’s parties. They refused to build a political alternative to Taksin’s pro-business policies such as privatisation and they failed to oppose his abuse of human rights in Patani and the war on drugs. So they turn to even more dictatorial powers like the military.

Finally, their rejection of big picture politics and concentration on single issues means that they have de-brained themselves of political wisdom. They close their eyes to reality. They now embrace “lobby politics” approaching and pleading with “who so-ever controls state power”, whether they are a democratically elected government or a military junta.

The pathetic reality is that the military don’t give a damn about the NGOs or their demands. This was obvious from the failed lobbying of the junta by the NGOs back in 2006. But they return to lobby the military again today, like dogs who returning to their masters who constantly kick them in the face.



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