Updated: Tin pot tyrants I

27 06 2014

The Vice-President of the Thai Journalists’ Association, an organization that is likely to be supportive of the anti-democratic military junta, has stated that “[m]ilitary officers directly ordered a newspaper not to publish a story on an anti-coup group…”.

The junta’s henchmen “visited the newsroom of a[n unnamed*] newspaper and instructed the editorial staff not to report the establishment of Free Thais for Human Rights and Democracy (FTHD), an anti-coup group in exile. ”

That the association is “concerned about this intervention” is actually a surprise to PPT as the mainstream media has been working hard on the dictatorship’s propaganda. Less surprising is that the Association can discuss the issue with the junta and accept its lame claim that “it might be a misunderstanding among NCPO officials because the junta has no policy to intimidate the media.”

Slap us with a fish and watch the pigs fly! Have they been drinking? This is a fascist military dictatorship. Everyone knows they are engaged in massive intimidation including of the media.Pig fly

The dopes at the Association say they will “send a representative to talk with the NCPO … to ‘clarify’ freedom, as a response to the establishment of the media-monitoring and censorship bodies.” They mean they are going to get their orders from the Dictator.

These are tin pot dictators, acting like tyrants and nothing is free of their interference.

Update: *Khaosod reports that it was the “newsrooms of Kom Chad Luek newspaper and Nation TV on 25 June to stop coverage about the Free Thai organisation.” Reporting on a meeting between media organizations and the military junta’s operatives, the report states that in future, a “team of military officers will monitor all news coverage in Thailand and promptly contact journalists if they encounter “false information” in their reporting…”. The military dictatorship told editors that:

the media will not have to send their news to the military for review, but that a military panel will closely monitor all published content to look for “false information” and rumours that inaccurately portray the NCPO and its missions.

If the military encounters such content, officers will directly contact editors to correct the information….

According to the plan, TV and radio stations will be monitored by the National Broadcasting and Telecommunication Commission (NBTC), print media by the Special Branch Police, online media by the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), and foreign media by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The junta stated that “the measure is needed to suppress ‘false information’ and news reports that insult the monarchy.” Nothing that upsets the military or is anti-coup is permitted. Clearly this is a fascist dictatorship.



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