Moral hectoring

14 07 2014

Like most military dictatorships, the Leader’s regime can’t keep itself under control. The Leader has decided that it is his role to hector Thais on their moral failures.

General Prayuth Chan-ocha, in another of his televised speeches on Friday, that there are 12 main values as decided by the junta:

1. Love for the nation, religions and monarchy
2. Honesty, patience and good intention for the public
3. Gratitude to parents, guardians and teachers
4. Perseverance in learning
5. Conservation of Thai culture
6. Morality and sharing with others
7. Correctly understanding democracy with the monarchy as head of the state
8. Discipline and respect for the law and elders
9. Awareness in thinking and doing things, and following the guidance of His Majesty the King
10. Living by the sufficiency economy philosophy guided by His Majesty the King
11. Physical and mental strength against greed
12. Concern about the public and national good more than self-interest.

In a dictatorship, no sooner does the dictator make a statement than loyal minions must implement it, no matter how nonsensical.

So it was that in less than 24 hours, the Ministry of Education proudly announcedc that it “plans to implement junta leader Gen.Prayuth Chan-ocha’s 12 main Thai values into the education reform roadmap for the years 2015-2021.” We can’t imagine this bunch of military chumps being around in 2021, but this is all part of re-establishing order and hierarchy, all underpinned by a North Korean-like “love” for the monarchy.

The significance of the military dictatorship’s determination to wind back the clock is expressed by Suthasri Wongsaman, who is the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education. She “said that the Ministry had already started revising history and civic duties in order to make students learn about the duty of Thais, discipline, morality and patriotism.” That curriculum begins later this year! The junta’s lackey also stated that her Ministry would “strengthen” the curriculum for the boy/girl scouts and Red Cross Youth.

It is remarkable that curriculum change can take place so quickly and with no attention to education, just propaganda, order and hierarchy. Just like Sarit in the late 1950s! Thai-style democracy is re-established.



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28 09 2014
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