“The military vacation”

18 07 2014

In our previous post we referred to threats to some of those taken into detention. The threats detailed in that post were dealt to the “unknowns.” The military treats the “knowns” somewhat more carefully, whilst also threatening or implying threats.

Recently, at The Irrawaddy, there was an account of the place where many of the “knowns” have been taken: the so-called Army Club. Once recreational, it has “been transformed into something darker: the gateway into a world of military-enforced detentions for hundreds of Thai citizens summoned to hand themselves over to army custody.”

It is stated that the military’s claims that the “calling in,” the threats and so on are a “military vacation,” do not “mask the military-style approach to shepherding millions of famously free-wheeling Thais into a pen of national unity, patriotism and political harmony.”

Others like the disgusting academic prostitute Panitan Wattanayagorn, said to be “a national security expert at Bangkok’s Chulalongkorn University,” but actually an expert on nothing, applaud the military. The former acting spokesman for the failed and murderous Abhisit Vejjajiva regime, observes, with considerable satisfaction, that the military dictatorship is taking a “textbook” approach. We think the “textbook” is one that includes “fascism” in the title. This mouthpiece states:  “The strategy is to neutralize its opposition by categorizing people as troublemakers, those who cooperate and those who can be co-opted.”

The article points out that the lists of people summoned show the bias: “After all, a large swathe of those in the junta’s crosshairs are politicians, the business elite, activists, broadcasters and intellectuals directly linked or associated with Ms. Yingluck’s elder brother, Thaksin Shinawatra…”.

The “post-coup purging of ‘network Thaksin,’ as … Panitan describes it, has also extended to targeting pro-Thaksin bureaucrats in important ministries, such as defense, being transferred to ineffective positions.”

The junta’s purge and fascism seems to get the approval of another royalist scholar, “Gotham Arya, former director of research at the Centre for Peace Building at Bangkok’s Mahidol University,” who says that if people accept the military’s repression, this “new approach,” may make “reconciliation … possible.” New? He’s got his head in the sand or is suffering considerable memory loss. Even Panitan recognizes that this is old-school military fascism (and he loves it).



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