“Liberals” do the junta’s work II

21 07 2014

Our last post was about the fake liberal Anand Punyarachun. It is no accident that Pichai Chuensuksawadi, who is editor-in-chief of Post Publishing, should follow-up on Anand’s work, also published in the Post. It seems that Pichai has been selected to do the military dictatorship’s work as a kind of tag-team partner for the aged faker.

Pichai was the subject of an earlier post where PPT stated that he is a reliable propagandist for the royalists, posing as one of those so-called liberal royalists, who are, in fact, never very liberal when the elite’s political or economic dominance is threatened. Like Anand, he is an anti-democrat wolf in liberal garb.wolf in sheeps clothing

In an op-ed at the Post, Pichai gets into propaganda mode for royalists. He begins by supporting the junta and anti-democrats in their repeated attacks on civilian politicians.

The Leader, General Prayuth Chan-ocha, “suspended local elections because they could lead to renewed political conflict.” Evidence for this? None. But no matter, Pichai reckons this is warranted, because he hates the idea of the masses expressing a political view.

He also mentions the politically biased National Anti-Corruption Commission urging the equally biased (anti-) Election Commission “to implement measures to screen populist policies.” He means to plans to ban any policy that the EC and its backers might not like.

Remarkably, to support the biased EC, he reports EC “opinion polls on various measures to reduce corruption, abuse of power and patronage among elected MPs.” The polls were full of leading questions, getting the EC the responses required: Thai-style push-polling.

After all of this nonsense, Pichai says: “The track record and role of our politicians and political parties is nothing to be proud of.”

We agree that politicians have not always been great models of propriety. But who has a track record to be proud of? The military that murders its own people? Corporations that engage in racist slavery? The media that is takes bribes? Self-promoting and parasitic royals? The grasping rich?

You get the picture.

When Pichai states that “some MPs received committee attendance allowances of up to 9,000 baht after spending just five or 10 minutes at meetings” might be a reasonable question. But why doesn’t he ask why the royals get more than 1.5 million baht per hour from the taxpayer.

You get the picture. Tarnish the electoral politics you hate but do not look at the opaque finances of the monarchy. Don’t examine the opaque finances of the military. Don’t look at the junta’s grasping and corrupt activities in all of the state enterprises. Don’t ask about meeting allowances there!

All of this is about “reforming the role of MPs is just one change that needs to take place for us to become a democratic society.” What a joke. Pichai is supporting the destruction of democracy by a fascist junta.

Pichai reckons that the “biggest challenge is how to change the mindset of many of our representatives who repeatedly quote chapter and verse that they are ‘elected and chosen by the people’ and therefore have carte blanche to do what they want.”

To be honest, in this form, the only place we have heard this is on the anti-democrat stage. But really, shouldn’t elected governments and their MPs be entitled to implement their policies? Not according to the anti-democrats.

Then Pichai goes to the great lie: “Limiting the terms of MPs, for example, does not tackle the problem at ground zero where vote-buying and election fraud remain rampant despite decades of elections.”

He’s making this up. Look at this and then look at this. Pichai is peddling this “dangerous nonsense” because he is a propagandist.




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