Junta engages in international spying

26 07 2014

It has sometimes been claimed that the mad monarchists who have been chasing Rose Amornpat, even photographing their vandalism, have been paid pimps for Bangkok’s military dictatorship. Frankly, PPT thinks they are simply deranged royalists rather than paid spies and thugs.

However, the military leadership has now disclosed that it is engaging in international spying, in France, the United States and England.

The military states that it “has been keeping a close watch on former prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra since she flew to Paris where she will attend her self-exiled brother’s [Thaksin Shinawatra] birthday party…”. This is stated as a fact.spying

Proudly, a “Royal Thai Army source told the Bangkok Post her every move was being monitored and pictures of her taken while she is in France.”

The military junta has said that it “will also do the same when she goes to England and Los Angeles…”.

It is well known that plenty of authoritarian governments routinely maintain surveillance of citizens and especially dissidents overseas. Thailand now joins this list of fascist regimes, spying on its citizens domestically and internationally. It all likelihood, its international spying involves illegal acts.



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