Still no rice pledging corruption

28 07 2014

About three weeks ago, PPT pointed out that the “evidence” coming from the military junta regarding “massive corruption” in the rice pledging scheme was proving, well, difficult to prove. In fact, it looked like the “massive corruption” was really nothing more than a massive beat-up by the anti-democrat leadership.

The military dictatorship bought this stuff, hook, line and sinker. Yingluck Shinawatra still faces charges from the biased courts in relation to “massive corruption.”

More recent news at the Bangkok Post appears to confirm the earlier post. It reports that the “Nakhon Ratchasima-based 2nd Army has completed the inspection of rice under the previous government’s rice-pledging scheme at 297 warehouses in 14 northeastern provinces…”.

According to Colonel Chinkaj Rattanachit, the inspection “concluded that 4,298 sacks of rice from a total of 23,235,449 stored at 297 warehouses had gone missing. The amount was only 0.018% of the total and did not exceed the 5% margin of error fixed by the committee set up to check the quantity and quality of rice.”

The diligent soldiers “also found 17,505 sacks of rice, or 0.08% of the total, had been damaged by flooding.”

The “massive corruption” turns out to be remarkably minimal corruption. Surely the military dictatorship will not accept this!



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