Obey us or face a kangaroo court

4 08 2014

Military dictatorships favor laws that favor them. Thailand’s military is, itself, pretty much lawless. More accurately, we might say that it ignores laws that distract it from its appointed task of protecting the monarchy and the system of privilege and class domination associated with it. Laws that relate to murder, torture, mutiny, corruption, and so on do not generally apply to the military.

Yet when it comes to its opponents, even civil laws are insufficient, and the military dictatorship concocts laws that are overseen by kangaroo courts run by the military itself.

Hence, we see something known as the Bangkok Military Court indicting former education minister Chaturon Chaisaeng and Thammasat University lecturer Worachet Pakeerut on charges that amount to refusing to accede to the illegal demands of an illegal regime.Military court

The dictatorship hates Worachet because he has said that the lese majeste law needs “revision.” He’s charged as a “warning” to all those the military considers suspect for failing to display totally blind loyalty to the feudal institution.

Chaturon could go to jail for four 14 years and was:

released on 400,000 baht bail on the condition he must not travel out of the country without the court’s permission, must not take part in a political rally and must not express opinions in a way that may lead to public unrest. He is required to appear before the court in 30 days to accept or deny the charges.

Yes, the “charges” are little more than an attempt by the military dictatorship to shut him up. He seems to frighten the supposedly tough military bosses.




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