Cheese or the Big Cheese?

6 08 2014

The Nation explains that the simulation game Tropico 5 has been banned in Thailand “because it contained content that appeared to be offensive to the monarchy.”

The Tropico 5 website is worth a visit. The Nation says that “allows players to build their own forms of government on a remote island,” also includes a cheese-loving “El Presidente.” Does General Prayuth Chan-ocha eat cheese. Or is it really about the Big Cheese in Hua Hin?

Something named the “Cultural Promotion Department” apparently voted “5-1 to ban it, with two abstentions.” Presumably the abstentions and the opposed voter are about to be indicted for lese majeste.

The dopes who voted for this ban were worried that “the game allowed players the freedom to name the country and its leader or king as they pleased, and therefore the content was deemed offensive to the Thai monarchy and might affect national security and the country’s dignity.” They were worried that scenes in one part of the game “tended to mock the monarchy institution. Hence it was deemed to violate all previous constitutions of Thailand.”

Work that out…. These guys are as sharp as bowling balls.

They calculate (in some obscure method suited to royalist retards) that “this game allows all players to express their beliefs without fear of law, so it is inappropriate to distribute such a game, especially during the current situation…”. They might think about a coup or ovethrowing the monarchy or both!

Monarchical madness knows no bounds in Thailand.




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