Further updated: Sondhi still guilty

7 08 2014

sondhi-limthongkulFor those who are interested in the “fortunes” of People’s Alliance for Democracy leader and recent anti-democrat protest supporter, the Appeals Court has upheld a 20-year jail term for fraud.

One of the interesting things about the case – ” the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the prosecution indicted the four men in the Criminal Court, accusing Sondhi and the three former Manager directors of falsifying loan guarantee documents to secure a 1.08- billion-baht loan by the company from Krung Thai Bank without first seeking approval from the board of directors of Manager” – goes back to the origins of his opposition to Thaksin Shinawatra.

As always seems the case for anti-democrats and royalists, he is likely to appeal again and stay out of jail. Presumably the case eventually runs out of legal time and Sondhi never sees a cell. But, then, the current military dictatorship doesn’t trust Sondhi.

Update 1: The Bangkok Post states that Sondhi remains in jail awaiting bail.

Update 2: Khaosod has a niftier report that says Sondhi “will spend a day in the prison where dozens of Redshirt activists are currently being held…. He will be held at Section One, where Redshirt prisoners are also held,” said Sorasith Chongcharoen, director of Bangkok’s Remand Prison. PPT reckons the red shirt prisoners will be polite. Perhaps they ought not to be, especially as Sondhi’s rabid media has urged attacks on red shirt prisoners.



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