Abdication, the anti-democrat monk and lese majeste

8 08 2014

Khaosod reports that the anti-democrat protest leader who dons the robes of a monk, “Buddha Issara,” has “filed criminal charges against two men responsible for a video calling on the King of Thailand to abdicate his throne.” A reasonable request given his age and wealth, but this is ultra-royalist and military ruled Thailand.

The video clip, sent to PPT by a reader a few days ago, was posted on Youtube on 1 August. The two unidentified men speak under a banner of something called the Thai Alliance for Human Rights. They “read a statement calling on [the king] to step down and ‘return power to the people’.”

Apparently calling for abdication is a lese majeste offense.

The “monk,” who has a very odd relationship to money for one proclaiming himself a monk, “added that he would offer a 500,000 baht reward to anyone who has information about the two individuals.”

Monk, military and monarchy is alliterative, but a powerful anti-democratic alliance.



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9 08 2014
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