Appalling Abhisit

18 08 2014

Most readers will know that PPT has little time for the leader of the ridiculous Democrat Party Abhisit Vejjajiva. He’s done a remarkable job in allowing that party, always royalist, to be taken over by fanatical anti-democrats. He is so egotistical that he’ll do almost anything to be prime minister – supporting anti-democrats, trashing parliament, aborting elections, refusing elections, wedding military fascists, murdering protesters, anything.

His most recent interview, in The Nation, is revealing of his base political motivations and his incapacity for dealing with democratic politics.

The story begins with his praise for the military dictatorship:

Supporting each other?

While the junta has managed well such emergencies as political violence and the unpaid money in the rice-pledging scheme, the real issues such as the national economy and problems of low prices for agricultural products are waiting. While it needs to maintain peace and order in the country, the junta also needs participation from all groups of people in national reforms, he said.

While the junta’s main mechanisms are now the bureaucrats and some groups from the business sector, it has to prove it is firm in the principles of transparency and good governance it had announced, he said.

The “emergencies” were, of course, mainly the result of Democrat Party members leading anti-democrats to the streets and to the courts to prevent the Yingluck Shinawatra government from operating.

The idea that a military dictatorship will be transparent and practise “good governance” is a nonsense and revealing of Abhisit’s warped political perspective. This is compounded by his reference to the junta having “principles” is ludicrous, unless he means repression and dictatorship.

His urging of the military dictatorship to lighten up is pathetic; after all, Abhisit and his anti-democrats wanted a military coup. His giving advice on local-level politics and people is a demonstration of his complete lack of understanding of this level of politics and life. He remains, as he has always been, totally disconnected from the grassroots.

Remaining focused on his enemies – Thaksin Shinawatra and the red shirts – all Abhisit really wants is for the rules of politics to change so that he can become prime minister.



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