I am The Leader

19 08 2014

Everyone has heard already that the military dictatorship presented its budget to the puppet assembly and the puppets accepted it as if it were and order from The Leader. No sensible person expected any other outcome from the handpicked wooden dolls.

In fact, though, it was even more dictatorial than this flippant description implies. The Bangkok Post reports that the “National Legislative Assembly passed the 2015 budget bill Monday … without a single dissenting vote.” Not a single handpicked puppet, not even those who can barely walk or stay awake, absentmindedly voted the “wrong” way.Prayuth

Even the docile Post used the description, “rubber stamp parliament.”

The Leader showed up trying to look prime ministerial, ditching the uniform, and suiting up. He “spent about 30 minutes explaining details of the legislation before the assembly passed the bill at its first reading.” But not a peep of criticism or questioning from the puppets.

Maybe dictator General Prayuth Chan-ocha will have to reconsider the meekness of his assembly and get someone to ask a serious question in order to look less North Korean. After all, it must be embarrassing that the Post drools that “Gen Prayuth showed flashes of humour, delighting his audience.”

Audience?? Yes, it is indeed an audience, not a parliament.

Prayuth sat in the premier’s seat, apparently warming it up and getting a feel for what many see as his imminent role.

The Leader’s budget is in deficit by 10% but he still babbled stupidly and ideologically that the “budget bill was modelled on the principle of His Majesty the King’s sufficiency economy.” Naturally, the “sufficiency military” got a big budget boost.

The Leader has such control and such arrogance that he is able to bark and babble at will. Get a load of this stuff:

“Forgive me if I speak too loud. I was advised to keep cool. But I’m still excited. I also had a stomach-ache this morning,” Gen Prayuth said….

Wrapping up his remarks on the budget, Prayuth asked:” Any questions or disagreement?” Nobody stood up to make any comment.

Just in case The Leader decides to allocate the premiership to a puppet, he also declared where the power is: “Don’t worry who will be prime minister or cabinet members. Whoever they are, we can control them and ensure they can work…‘.



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