A Harvard update

21 08 2014

Readers will recall our post on the article in The Harvard Crimson’s article Troubles with Thai Studies by Ilya Garger. The story following the publication of that article has been revealing.

Prachatai reports that ultra-royalists were enraged and promptly issued death threats. This was thought to have caused The Harvard Crimson to delete the article, stating:

The article that previously appeared at this URL has been temporarily removed due to concerns about the personal safety of its author. The Crimson regrets having to take this action, which is in most cases in violation of our policies, but found the reasons for doing so overwhelming in this case. We expect to be able repost the article’s original text, at this URL, in the near future….

One of the death threats came from a Thai ultra-royalist at UCLA. However, the real reason for the temporary pulling of the article was the lese majeste threat, as explained by the author:

I asked for the article to be temporarily taken offline until I was able to leave Thailand, because the response to the article was stronger than I expected and as a result, I was in danger of arrest for insulting the monarchy.

When the author left Thailand, the article was re-posted by The Harvard Crimson.



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