Who is in charge of the cookie jar?

24 08 2014

It is quite clear that the answer to this is that Thailand is now controlled by bunch of crooks.

A reader has pointed out an Asia Sentinel article from a couple of days ago, where its necessarily anonymous correspondent brings together some of the factual reports of the past few years that confirm the criminality of the military brass.

The report states that the military is a “bloated force with 1,400 generals now will seek to run the country…”. The report says that “is 400 more generals than the US Army has for a force three times as big.”

In 2010, it paid some $30 million for more than 1500 “bomb detection devices … sold by a discredited British company … [d]espite a warning from the US Embassy that the devices were ‘like a toy’…”.  It continued to use them for years after they were shown to be fake. They were used to convict the innocent of alleged crimes and were “apparently bought by a Thai general who is said to have profited enormously on the deal.” Naturally.

The report states that the “fact is that the Thai army …  is one of the most deeply corrupt militaries in Asia,” matters little, with the Anti-Corruption Commission ruling that:

the incoming junta members do not have to declare the assets they amassed before and after holding office.  That is in contradiction to the policy for elected officials before the coup. It is also going to be convenient for new executive boards for state-owned enterprises, whose new members are largely drawn from the military.

Having just “approved a US$75 billion master plan to upgrade the country’s transport infrastructure over the next eight years,” there’s little doubt that the “military’s historic role in procurement scandals,” the “chances for generals or lesser officers to take backhanders is inevitably going to grow,” for no one can oversee a military dictatorship.

Corruption in the military is “business as usual.” Enriched and bloated generals operate with impunity. The report explains:

It is just one of a long string of depressing procurement scandals that the Thai military has endured for decades, going clear back to the time in the 1980s and before when the army bought hundreds of armored personnel carriers from the Chinese that were so substandard that light showed through the welds holding the armor plate on, exposing the soldiers inside to the potential of death in the event they were hit by rocket fire. The wife of one of the army’s then-top generals was the agent for Chinese weapons dealers.  At one point the Thai air force bought Chinese jets with engines so substandard that the planes had to be towed to the flight line for takeoff and towed back on landing, because the engine life was so short, measured in hours.

One of the powers behind The Dictator is General Anupong Paojinda. He and Prayuth “signed off on a Bt350 million purchase of an advanced zeppelin which … has long been obsolete” and never flew operationally.

“This is the military that is going to be in charge of Thailand’s economy.” Corrupt and incompetent, the military is only “useful” for murdering its own citizens and protecting the interests of the palace-military ruling elite.



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