Updated: Somyot the lese majeste warrior

27 08 2014

As PPT has noted several times, Police General Somyos Pumpanmuang has become the military dictatorship’s bully boy on lese majeste.The sycophantic nature of the military dictatorship was recently confirmed when butt polisher Somyos Pumpanmuang was chosen “unanimously” by the National Police Policy Commission to be the new national police chief. The Dictator was in charge of the selection.

brassoNow that Brasso Man is atop the police pole, he is hunting down the ones he thinks are threats to the royalist junta and its palce-backed regime. Khaosod reports that the top cop “has renewed an effort to locate and prosecute the fugitive transgender activist who routinely criticises the monarchy on social media.” Ultra-royalist Somyos says he “has instructed police officers to collect evidence about social media posts made by the activist, Saran Chuichai, aka Aum Neko, for legal prosecution.”Aum-Neko-300x180

The Ministry of Information and Communication Technology is instructed to “help determine the location of Ms. Saran, who has not been seen in public since the military staged the coup 22 May. Aum Neko is widely believed to have left Thailand, so the ordered tracking is probably no more than Somyos again self-promoting, hoping that a drop of junta saliva will anoint him.

Aum has reportedly “continued to post comments on social media that sharply criticise the Royal Thai Family [sic].” We guess they mean the royal family.

PPT’s distaste of junta posterior polishers is as venomous as our dislike for the dolts who lavish praise on the unworthy royals. However, Somyos gets and extra dose of disdain for his nastiness and his blatant corruption as a serving officer with numerous business interests who uses police power to support his chosen business partners. We attach two PDFs (here and here) that show his connection with a company with a reputation for thuggery and financial tomfoolery.

Update: A reader sent us another link [opens a 12-page PDF] to Somyos and his corporate link to the gold company that has police crack farmers’ heads.




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