Updated: Prayuth and cronyism

30 08 2014

The Dictator, General Prayuth Chan-ocha, is like all dictators and is falling in love with the sound of his own voice. He’s also surrounding himself with flunkies who will tell him what he wants to hear.

As predictable as this is, The Dictator is reported in the Bangkok Post,  pronouncing on his hand-picked cabinet which is expected to be dominated by military types.

He babbled about the cabinet line-up having “representation from a wide cross-section of groups in society.” Based on the experience of Prayuth’s dictatorship so far, this is nonsense. All appointments to date have been narrow and unrepresentative. But then why would anyone even imagine that a military junta would provide for “representation”? Indeed, it was Prayuth who sent elected representatives packing on 22 May 2014.

That Prayuth says he “is not affiliated with any political parties, stressing that there is no government party nor opposition party” is nothing more than a statement of dictatorship.

He is creepily Orwellian when he declares: “Today we want to move to democracy and we have an interim charter [to reach that goal].” Prayuth

When he states: “So don’t focus on how many soldiers are in the cabinet. We can’t afford to exclude the military from the cabinet since we still have security problems…”, he’s just being silly. We don’t expect him to do anything other than pack his cabinet with his cronies, but the cabinet has little to do with “security problems.”

He is finally truthful when he explains he wants total control: “We [he means himself] don’t want anyone to obstruct our work [he means the junta], but what we need is more support from the people…”. He is warning that he demands obedience. He is truthful when he says: “How can I work if I don’t have those I can trust…”. So he surrounds himself with cronies.

No one should trust Prayuth.

The Dictator speaksUpdate: The puerile “following” of words and actions of The Dictator struck PPT on a visit to The Nation’s breaking news ticker a few hours ago. There seems no news except news about him, as seen in this snip we grabbed. Prayuth’s name dutifully appears in 7 of the 9 headlines, the king in another and Prayuth’s NLA in the last. Yes, it was during his weekly diatribe on national television, but it does seem like the sun revolves around The Dictator, emperor-like.



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