Telling it like it ain’t

1 09 2014

PPT has no idea who author’s the Bangkok Post’s Saturday column “About Politics.” We do know that it is rapidly deteriorating into a mouthpiece for the military dictatorship. The week’s column is a mixture of concocted headlines and false and anti-democratic claims.

The first header is “He’s hiding in the Philippines.” This rather breathless statement of Apiwan Wiriyachai’s flight to the Philippines after the military coup is something already known to Bangkok Post readers seems overly manufactured in that the Post had reported it some four days earlier. In addition, the “story” is about the lese majeste charges that have been known since late June.

All of this non-story appears to be about establishing that there is a pro-Thaksin Shinawatra clique still loose in the deeply royalist Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

A political source said it was unclear when or how Col Apiwan managed to slip out of the country to receive medical treatment in the Philippines.

Those familiar with the matter said in the past some Thai embassy staff in a number of countries have made themselves “accommodating” to politicians who travel overseas. The politicians in question might not have positions in the government anymore, but they still wield immense influence.

Seems like a beat-up to us, especially as the Ministry has been one of the most deeply royalist.

The second story has to do with The Dictator, General Prayuth Chan-ocha. The story seems to be that the general, while prime minister, “is expected to continue running the country through the mechanisms of the National Council for Peace and Order,” meaning the military junta.

Who didn’t know this?

Even so, a parade of sycophants have been parading before The Dictator trying to entice him to appoint them to a puppet cabinet.

Yes, we know it is now appointed, and we are behind on posting about it, yet the heads in it seem almost irrelevant as they are dominated by the junta. The Post put its money on Thirachai Phuvanatnaranubala becoming finance minister. It was wrong.

Finally, the column refers to UK ambassador to Thailand, Mark Kent, who is said to have “joined the vibrant social media community in Thailand…”.  We wonder which Thailand the columnist is resident in. Not the Thailand of the military dictatorship and its censorship regime, that’s for sure.