In for the long haul

4 09 2014

The Dictator, General Prayuth Chan-ocha, has told the nation that, despite claims about “democracy” and an “election” in about 12-15 months, the military dictatorship is likely to maintain control for a very long time.

In a story reported at The Nation, Prayuth has said his “roadmap” for “reform” is not a timetable. He has a “mission,” and he will take as long as necessary to achieve it. He explains: “People always asked about my [government] time frame but I don’t set one.”


The Dictator and his cabinet

He added that his “Cabinet won’t have a time frame because I don’t want it to become an obstacle or a source of pressure…”.

Prayuth reckoned that” after his policy statement address to the National Legislative Assembly (NLA), the NCPO would reduce its role and focus only on security affairs and internal security, as well as protecting natural resources and the environment.” Given that Prayuth is both junta leader and prime minister, the distinction Prayuth makes is certainly fictional.

Prayuth babbled on, saying “he would later announce the rules of engagement between the NCPO and the Cabinet.” Very military indeed! But we know the rules: what Prayuth and the junta wants, they get.

Be prepared for The Dictator hanging on to power for a considerable time. We have the feeling that rising dissatisfaction with the dictatorship’s control will be met with repression.

The article went on to provide an account of some advice given to the junta by anti-democrat Abhisit Vejjajiva. We were uninterested in his bleating.



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