Updated: Why you should love and respect the monarchy

6 09 2014

The Dictator, General, Prime Minister, junta head and commander of the Army, amongst other posts, has told all Thais why the must love and respect the monarchy.

In his Friday diatribe, broadcast to the nation, he ” issued a stern warning to the public not to be misled by anti-monarchy elements, saying the monarch always cares about the well-being of his people.”

To be honest, PPT hasn’t noticed too many other media urging republicanism on the nation. After all, say that in Thailand and the almost inevitable result is jail. Perhaps this is the word that Prayuth and his selected sycophant cabinet got from their audience with the aged and hospitalized monarch when he blessed them on Thursday.

Prayuth calimed that there some “blaming” the monarchy for “causing poverty and hardship” in the country. Prayuth’s response was classic palace propaganda, which we would guess that Prayuth, being of average intelligence, would not believe himself, but considers appropriate for the “buffaloes” of the farming and working classes:

“I want to tell you that His Majesty has never been involved [in politics],” he said. “He has examined the role of the institution. When past governments could not work in certain areas, His Majesty would provide assistance.

“He has never worked in order to win approval and affection from others because he treats Thai people as his own. His Majesty has to look after people with low incomes and those who are suffering first, and he helps every government. Everyone needs to understand this and they should not listen to other people who try to provoke the situation and offend him.”

The Dictator also saw fit to defend the draconian lese majeste law, which his military dictatorship has already used rather extensively. He said the” lese majeste law was necessary to protect the King because he cannot come out to argue.” Of course, this is also palace nonsense, propagandized by royalists.

The advice that the “public” might want to confirm his view by “look[ing] back into the history of Thailand…” would be useful if it wasn’t for the very law he defends. No Thai can really easily find a serious study of the monarchy or the history of this dynasty by dropping in at the local bookstore or library because of the operation of the law. If they could get to PPT’s page on commentary and read English, they could get a start, but the military tries to block us.

Update: Maybe he means Rose? Here is her latest post:

It’s Time for a Change!

It’s a shame to say Thai people have been deceived by this monarchy for so long.

People in general as well as civil servants, soldiers, the police and politicians are constantly under the watchful eyes of royalists who are ready to file lese majeste charge against anyone anywhere in the world, though they know or pretend not to know that this barbaric law is not regconized by any civilized nation.

This barbaric lese majeste law or Article 112 of their Criminal Code carries a jail term of 3-15 years, if convicted, for each offence. The law has effectively silenced journalists, academics, teachers, politicians and all walks of life in Thailand and abroad. Royal judges always deny bail to the accused. Many are left to die before a trial takes place. A conviction is the charge is 99.99% guarantee.

Those who dare to speak out in any negative tone about the monarch are routinely thrown in jail. Hundreds, if not thousands, are rotting in jail now. Such an unjust conviction often leaves loved ones struggling alone at home. Many families break up. Children are left without parents. Homes are foreclosed becuase the bread-winners are convicted of lese majeste violations. Employers will fire such people even though they are not wrong.

This institution, at least in its current form, has no place in any soceity, let alone Thailand!

Because this institution is the root cause of all the core problems in Thailand! We need to abolish it totally and Thailand should become a Republic with President and Prime Minister like that of the USA or the UK. I love Queen Elizabeth II for the UK, but sorry I do not like the current monarchy in Thailand!

The culture of impunity for the elites and the upper class originates in 1946 when King Ananda was murdered and the culprit went free and is still living in Thailand. Soon after, the lese majeste law was introduced and became law and is still in effect until now.

While Thai monarchy has been amassing fabulous wealth exponentially each year, poor Thais are struggling each day in the hot sun, mostly earning less than $10 a day, just to make ends meet. Thai king is ranked the richest monarch in the world by Forbes magazine five years in a row! How could this be possible when the majority of the Thai people are still poor.

Ironically, Thai monarchy is not responsible for the welfare if its subjects, even though in each and every constitution, all the sovereign power is exercised by the King, albeit the power “belongs” to the people. But the king is the only person who can use it.

Worse, Thai taxpayers have to pay for the royals’ salaries, palaces’ expenses, a fleet of airplanes and helicopters and the specially-commissioned semi-yacht “Chakrinarubhet” for use at HM’s disposal. Such expensive items are paid for and maintained by Thai taxpayers!

I am sad that such expenses should have been spent for the country’s poor and homeless. The wealth of the HM’s Crown Property Bureau could easily finance free education and free medical cares for all the Thai people. So far, I have yet to see any pennies from this selfish agency!

Now, the “thieves in uniform” are abandoning the Thaksin’s “30 Bahts (US$1.00 ) Universal Health Care” for Thai people. What a shame indeed! Many poor people say they were grateful to Thaksin for such a program. Now no more!

The newly self-installed prime minister is cancelling the minimal pension check of 500 Bahts (US$17) per person for the elderly still living in Thailand. Though small but it’s still something for the elderly to look forward to receiving every month.

At the same time, the Big Boss Prayuth, is giving an increase in salary of some 15% across the board to all the civil servants and the military officials. Go figure!

It’s time for a change to a better system and regime!

-Chatwadee Rose Amornpat



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