Sulak condemns lese majeste law

9 09 2014

Sulak Sivaraksa has a long history of activism as a monarchist who also opposes the lese majeste law. In recent times he was involved in the “episode of Tob Jote [that] was [considered] offensive to the monarchy.” And, PPT has sometimes expressed disagreement with Sulak’s views on lese majeste. For all of that, Sulak has often shown a considerable bravery in the face of the draconian law by attacking it and by being critical of the current monarchy.

Prachatai reports on a new video clip that has Sulak again speaking out against the lese majeste law:

Sulak has:

condemned the suppression of freedom of expression, especially the use of the lèse majesté law to arrest and threaten civilians, academics and artists, saying the more despotic the regime is, the more people are being hunted for expressing their thoughts, while the junta leader on Friday defended the use of the draconian law.

Significantly, Sulak observed that the 22 May “coup affected the monarchy and that the coup junta is using Article 112 or the lèse majesté law to suppress freedom for its own benefit.” He states:

Article 112 or lèse majesté has always been used by the military, Yingluck Shinawatra, her brother’s government, Abhisit’s government to persecute people because this law gives tremendous power to the authorities….

He calls the use of lese majeste law a witch hunt that allows the military dictatorship to create “a climate of fear.” He observes: “Thailand is following Burma’s footsteps, we are swapping paths…”.

The article observes that:

22 May coup marked the highest number of lèse majesté prisoners in Thai history. Since the coup, 15 people have been charged under Article 112 and detained in prison. (Only two were granted bail.) This adds to the number of those charged before the coup to a total number of 21 lèse majesté prisoners.



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