The truth is full of prejudice

10 09 2014

Readers will recall when junta goons prevented a discussion of human rights at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Thailand. The action of these thugs gained considerable noteriety and a lot of criticism.

A few days ago, just as Khaosod went missing for a few days until we found it via the excellent work of a reader, it reported further on this story that deserves attention.

The military dolts decided to explain why it was that they closed down such a seemingly innocuous event. Junta mouthpiece Colonel Winthai Suvaree “explained”: “We had to be careful about the discussion topic, to make sure that it would not [defame] other individuals or organisations…. The discussion could have lacked sufficient facts or contained unreliable information not supported by clear evidence.” He added: “That information may have also only presented a one-sided perspective full of prejudice. It may have caused misunderstanding in society about certain individuals or organisations.”

In fact, the Lawyers were to present a truthful and evidence-based account. The military dictatorships hates that; the truth is dangerous!

Winthai complained that the talk was to “feature representatives from Amnesty International Thailand, the Thai Lawyers for Human Rights, and Cross Cultural Foundation on 2 September.” That is a dangersous and threatening lot! The military, despite all of its guns and repressive powers fears truth and openness.

It seems they also fear “politics”: “We were concerned that the activity may involve politics. Relevant officials had to carefully consider it…”. Politics is banned under the military junta that it finds unacceptable to full happiness, at least at military headquarters.

The military junta is usually considered to be filled with tough guys. When faced with the truth or opposition, they panic; a sign of deep weakness.



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