More lese majeste repression

12 09 2014

Akradet E. is a 24 year-old student accused of lese majeste and computer crimes, held without bail since 18 June 2014. This coincided with the military dictatorship’s massive expansion of the use of lese majeste as a means of political repression following the coup in May.

Prachatai reports that on 11 September the public prosecutor indicted him on charges of having violated both laws.

Akradet is “accused of using a Facebook username ‘Uncle Dom also loves the King’ [and] posting lese majeste comments on a Facebook status of a friend. The charge under Article 14 of the Computer Crimes Act is for importing illegal content into the computer system.

His bail requests have been denied by the courts “citing flight risk.” This is common in lese majeste cases, although there is scant evidence presented for this risk in Akradet’s case.

The charges stem from a complaint made following an online dispute with a Facebook “friend” over political ideology. That “friend” lodged a “police complaint in March 2014.”



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