MiB madness

15 09 2014

The men in black soap opera continues. The most recent intervention we have seen is by the anti-democrat member of the Democrat Party, Thaworn Senniam, who was last in PPT as a leader of the anti-democrat thugs who were armed and dangerous in 2013-14.

He is reported at The Nation claiming to know who some of the phantom-like men in black are. He even claims to have been in negotiation with them.

In the report, “Thaworn claimed to have been approached by four of the armed militants who took part in the violent – sometimes deadly – attacks during the 10 weeks of street protests by red shirts protesters against the Democrat-led government led by Abhisit Vejjajiva four years ago.” It seems that, at the time, Thaworn was deputy interior minister. His claim is that these mysterious men in black “demanded Bt5 million each from him in exchange for ‘telling the truth’ and identifying the people who hired them.”

This claim seems remarkable enough. Here’s a senior government minister saying he was involved in negotiations with people the police and military were supposedly hunting, but he “rejected the offer, as the requested sum was too high.” And then this: “Thaworn said the men who approached him were a different group than the five suspects who were arrested earlier this week…”.

Clearly Thaworn was in direct contact with alleged murders and yet he rejects them as too expensive! Really? If this is a real story, shouldn’t he have been more law-abiding and rigorous than this? And, why is he making his legal and moral failure public?

The answer to first question could be that he is making this up. Or it could be that he is naturally dumb. Readers can think of more answers. The answer on the second question is easier. Thaworn is making a claim that the “recent arrests and the people who approached him were proof that the ‘men in black’ did exist…”.

In a footnote to the story, despite police claims that they had a ton of evidence against the four men and one woman they have arrested and dressed up at men in black (and they only rigged this for the men), the police have gone back to the courts to seek a further “12 days while police investigate the case.” The police claim they need “more time to question the suspects in order to determine their accomplices.” One of the men has already been in custody since 5 September.



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