For the senile

16 09 2014

The media has reported the return of both the king and queen to their palace at Hua Hin, leaving Siriraj Hospital after several weeks of medical attention. The report PPT saw stated was not all that convincing on the health of the aged and frail royals: “doctors had completely checked the physical health of Their Majesties and found they are healthy enough to leave the hospital.”

Senile kingThe photos presented to the public in the Bangkok Post suggest that senility is well established.

These conditions would seem to say something about  The Dictator, General Prayuth Chan-ocha’s somewhat regal posturing as he prepares “reconciliation” propaganda and programs that “honor” the monarchy and establish a regime that ensures the maintenance of the social, political and economic order for the royalist elite.

It is noticeable that Prayuth has resurrected the simplistic and discredited ideology of “sufficiency economy” with considerable enthusiasm.

For example, at The Nation it was recently reported that: “Prayuth Chan-ocha’s government has mapped out policies for his one-year mission emphasising the King’s sufficiency philosophy…”.Senile queen

Deputy Prime Minister and military posterior polisher Wissanu Krea-ngam pointed out the obvious: “The administration’s policies differ from those of elected governments, which are usually prepared by political parties ahead of election campaigns.” The military dictatorship’s policies “came from five sources within the state apparatus…. [R]oyally granted strategy, sufficiency philosophy, the 11th national development plan, the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO)’s roadmap, plus [Prayuth’s own regally granted] 12 principles and people demands…”.

Apparently, Prayuth is like an angelic disciple to the deity of the monarchy – or maybe he is just a pretender – as he is said to have “assimilated His Majesty’s grand strategy into all the policies…”. Miraculous indeed. From then on, the report becomes unreadable or perhaps nonsensical as it attempts to translate simplistic dross into something digestible: “The royal strategy has three principles: understand, reach out and develop. The King granted these to the Thaksin Shinawatra government to use for conflict resolution in the deep South. The sufficiency philosophy emphasises rational and social protection…”.

We are not sure if this lack of clarity is due to the reporting, Wissanu’s inabilities or to the fact that “royal advice” is just a collection of inanities. Perhaps it is all three. However, the declining health and capacity is undoubtedly motivating the dictatorship’s policies and actions.



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28 09 2014
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