Believe him? Probably not

17 09 2014

Several days ago, PPT had a short post that stated:

The Bangkok Post reported yesterday that the “Office of the Auditor-General (OAG) is launching a full investigation into the case involving the procurement of high-priced microphones for Government House, an OAG source says…. The source told the Bangkok Post Wednesday that OAG officials had already examined evidence at agencies involved in the project to procure and install electronic equipment for meeting rooms at Government House.”

Procured and installed. There were photos of the microphones in use.

Now this:

[The Dictator] Prayuth Chan-ocha has scrapped the purchase of the controversial sound system for Government House’s meeting rooms pending an investigation into the project’s alleged lack of transparency and high prices.

And the negative publicity demanded he scrap the deal or look like a fool. But then he looked like a dope when he justified the need with this bit of nonsense:

“In fact, we need good electronic equipment for remote conferencing so we can see everyone clearly while giving orders. We came up with this idea because we are preparing for the launch of the Asean Economic Community…”.

This is garden compost. He looked more like a corrupt dope when he “explained” that the “procurement of the equipment was still at the negotiation stage…. The microphones were loaned to Government House for a trial period.”

Generals always manage to come up with lame “excuses” and “denials.” They are used to this because they have always enjoyed impunity so telling the truth hasn’t ever been required of them.



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