Jeng gets bail

25 09 2014

The Bangkok Post has reported one seeming lese majeste breakthrough. Yoswaris Chuklom or Jeng Dokchik has been granted bail by the Supreme Court.

Red shirt leader Jeng has a two-year jail term for lese majeste. The court “set bail at 700,000 baht without condition for the 56-year-old former comedian…”.

In January, the Criminal Court sentenced Jeng for a speech he gave in 2010. When he was sentenced, we observed:

The court’s judgement was remarkable for its extension of lese majeste to include words left unspoken. Jeng “received the sentence for comments made in a speech to protesters that implied King Bhumibol Adulyadej influenced [then Prime Minister] Abhisit [Vejjajiva]’s decision not to dissolve the parliament, according to a court statement.” The court stated: “His statement falsely accused the king of political interference and opposing the defendant and his group…. His statement that his speech didn’t mean he was referring to the king is groundless.”

In other words, the court concluded that there was an implied “threat to the monarchy” by associating a political decision with the king. One foreign source commented on the sentence: “What savagery.”

Jeng continues to appeal his guilty verdict.



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