Cronyism and the junta

26 09 2014

The Bangkok Post reports that, yes, the junta is making all decisions. Who didn’t know that? But let’s look at the report.

The reports states that the military junta “is expected to rush the selection the 250 members of the National Reform Council (NRC) from the final list of candidates on Friday, amid concerns over possible cronyism.”

“Cronyism” is an interesting term in the context for the military despots have engaged in a purge of anyone who doesn’t agree with them and then has hand picked everyone who is meant to be their lackeys.

That 7,000 candidates were nominated for seats on the “reform” panel is nothing less than a bit of propaganda for the junta was always going to select their own lackeys.

The Dictator, General “Prayut Chan-o-cha” – when did his name change in English? –  said “the list to His Majesty the King for royal approval.” That is more propagandist nonsense. The king would approve a list of buffaloes for the junta. His dotage has nothing to do with this; it is his pattern over five decades of his alliance with fascist dictators.

This NRC is to be ordered to make “comprehensive reforms before a general elections is held.” In other words, if elections take place, they are to have rules that prevent a free and fair election.

So claims of cronyism amongst the “panels screening candidates in some provinces” are wasted complaints as the cronyism is right at the top. When military dictators are in power, cronyism is rule number one.



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