Puppets and erasing opponents

27 09 2014

A Reuters report makes it clear that the military dictatorship has virtually total control and how it controls and shapes the grim political future of the country.

The National Legislative Assembly is a puppet assembly, dominated by military appointees and with those who aren’t men in green being loyalist and royalist. A month or so ago, an op-ed stated: “[n]obody expects the National Legislative Assembly (NLA) to be anymore than a rubber stamp in endorsing junta-guided laws and directives.”

The puppets have performed according to their military masters’ desires and plans to the extent that almost every decision made at the NLA is unanimous.

The Reuters report states:

Thailand’s military-dominated legislature gave itself the power to impeach political office holders on Thursday, edging a step closer to rooting out the influence of controversial former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra….

Thursday’s move is the latest effort by the military leadership to curb the powers of those loyal to Thaksin and ensure political parties linked to him cannot regain power.

On this move, the report quotes Paul Chambers of Chiang Mai University who says the latest puppetry is:

“an attempt by the arch-royalist military leadership and its allies to completely remove from the political scene those politicians who either supported Thaksin over the years or those who may be viewed as not sufficiently acquiescent to the junta….

On this purge of those who have been elected politicians, Chambers asserts that the military dictatorship is also targeting Thaksin. He says the junta can “use several types of legal strategies to remove Yingluck [Shinawatra] from the political scene…”.  He points out that threats against Yingluck “The threat of using these tactics could also be a way to extort co-operation from her and her brother.”

Probably not cooperation, but certainly trying to check any political activism that might emanate from Thaksin. For PPT, it is no accident that whenever a red shirt, a former Puea Thai politician or even Yingluck pop up in public or make a statement, the junta sends an “anti-corruption” body after her or moves a case forward.

The puppets and their master will probably arrange for her to be banned from political office.



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