Prem and the politicized monarchy

2 10 2014

Everybody knows that General Prem Tinsulanonda, former unelected premier, former army boss and now Privy Council President, is a political busybody. He always meddled in Army promotions, boosting his favorites and palace flunkies. He’s done this since the 1970s. At 94, he is now frail and hardly the power he was, even in 2006, when he was a coup maker. Yet he still has some value to the military dictatorship and, presumably, others from the walking and wheeling dead.

At the Bangkok Post the aged meddler is reported as having “wished Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha and his ministers success.” A bit run-of-the-mill perhaps, but then there’s this: “Prem thanked Gen Prayut and the retiring armed forces chiefs for playing key roles in solving the country’s problems over the past months.” He went further “and thanked them for a job well done.”

Clearly Prem is smug and chuffed about yet another military coup.

The Dictator, Prayuth and other criminals “retirees” went on one of those slithering visits to the old man to get “his blessing…”.

Apparently Prem asked the military brass “to maintain the army’s high standards.” As far as PPT can determine those “high” standards involve overthrowing elected governments, smuggling, running gambling dens, widespread corruption, and murdering political opponents.

Prem reckons that this murderous organization has the “faith” of the people and says they have “hope in the army to help solve their problems…”. PPT reckons that most people would prefer that the military was professionalized and under the law. Most would probably wish that Prem was under the law rather than basking in the royal radiance. Clearly his boss wants and needs his meddling.



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17 10 2014
Prem and The Dictator | Political Prisoners in Thailand

[…] We at PPT didn’t understand these claims. After all, the coup was by and for royalists. In addition, Prem’s old buddies were intimately involved in politicking for a coup, pressing Prayuth to act to support the anti-democrats and backstop the elite’s political and economic interests. Not that long ago, we noted that Prem was content and happy about yet another royalist coup in Thailand. […]

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