A fiction

7 10 2014

The military dictatorship handpicked its National Legislative Assembly and then The Dictator, General Prayuth Chan-ocha handpicked his cabinet.

One of the aims was to say to the world that there was a “civilian government” in place, somehow de-militatized, despite the remarkable dominance of very wealthy military clients in the puppet Assembly and cabinet.

The Dictator himself maintains this fictional “separation.” He keeps a straight face when he declares that the “government and the National Council for Peace and Order will continue to work together to tackled problems left unsolved by past governments…”.

This declaration of a fictional separation came when the “two bodies had their first joint meeting at the army club on Vibhavadi Rangsit road on Tuesday.”

The fiction begins with The Dictator, “who heads both bodies,” and dissembles about the junta and government co-operating. They could do nothing else as they are inseparable tools of the military dictatorship. Only a culturally challenged “farang” commentator would miss this.

A tip for The Dictator: no one believes this nonsense and you look ridiculous saying it.

A couple of other points in this report deserve some attention.

Apparently Prayuth stated that “[h]igh on their to-do list is corruption,” although we doubt he means the military corruption so wonderfully demonstrated in recent days and now displayed for all to see. Like the culturally inept foreigner, The Dictator seems only able to conceptualize corruption amongst elected politicians.

The Dictator declared that there must be martial law as there are ” underground activities against the government and NCPO,” but that he “could not disclose [these] publicly.”  Believe him, he is The Dictator.

Prayuth also demanded that he and his military junta not be criticized by the public or the media. He reckoned that criticism would discourage his guys and they “could not solve any problem.”

These military types are just so fragile that they can’t take criticism. It has to be remembered that generals are seldom criticized because of the operation of impunity and live in a hierarchical world where their orders are followed, not questioned.



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