Dictating IV

10 10 2014

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We pointed out that a dictator is a “ruler who wields absolute authority. A state ruled by a dictator is called a dictatorship.” General Prayuth Chan-ocha is Thailand’s dictator.

In a related post, we stated that while dictators were once considered an endangered species,dictators seem to be making something of  throwback-comeback. We noted that there were several “models” for the Thai Dictator to follow. We nominated North Korea where there is a cult of personality.Prayuth

Of course, as several readers have pointed out, that model could equally be the Thai monarchy, which has promoted a personality cult. While lacking any formal qualifications, the king is promoted as excellent at everything he tries, from arts to sciences. He’s also allegedly brilliant at governance and economics. Unbelievable, but if it is these are the only available messages, heard repeatedly, they become significant.

With the king clinging to life but in terminal decline, General Prayuth Chan-ocha is being promoted as a replacement “father.” In our earlier post, we noted that the Propaganda Ministry, also known as the Education Ministry, released a poem that lauded The Dictator’s simplistic “Twelve Values.” Students are now required to memorize these. The sycophantic Ministry of Propaganda wants to use these royalist “values” throughout the curriculum.

Propaganda - CopyJust to add another piece to the personality cult and the replacement of king by The Dictator, the military junta has announced that “announced … that it is planning to produce a dramatisation of Gen. Prayuth’s teachings [sic.] known as ‘Twelve Values,’ which he says all Thais should practice.”

Who better to promote The Dictator as king than a minor royal and Prayuth sycophant Mom luang Panadda Diskul, who doubles as permanent secretary of the Prime Minister’s Office. He met with “a group of film-makers and actors at the Government House,” stating: “This is our first effort to comply with Gen. Prayuth’s policy that called for a production of a film that promotes national identity…”.

north koreans cryingThe royal royalist said that the dictatorship “is looking to produce [using taxpayers’ money] a ’30-minute film’ based on the ‘Twelve Values’ preached by Gen. Prayuth, and asked the film-makers to submit ideas to the government.”

Panadda explained that once completed, this propaganda film would be shown at “all cinemas across the country…”. We imagine that The Dictator expects that there will be tears of joy from The Leader’s loyal minions.

Sycophant Panadda declared that the proposed film would “focus on Thai culture, peace and order, the national identity, and the adaptation of the Twelve Values” Remarkably, Panadda declared that “people of all ages can watch without getting bored.” Perhaps boredom will be outlawed in the pursuit of “happiness.”





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