Dictating to the puppets

12 10 2014

The Nation reports that The Dictator has no shame. Well, that’s our interpretation of the story that General Prayuth Chan-ocha has “told the National Reform Council (NRC) to use the proposals of the Defence Ministry as guidelines for national reforms.”

Prayuth appears to have no shame in telling his hand-picked NRC that there only role is to approve the military’s dictates. Even PPT would have thought that The Dictator would have been just a little subtle in allowing his puppets a little more string.Puppets and clowns

The Dictator announced to the whole nation – at least those who bothered to watch his weekly rant on national television – that “the Office of the Permanent Secretary for Defence had already gathered information and public opinions on 11 issues for reforms and sent them to the NRC.”

While The Dictator “allows” the NRC members to make some decisions, these are to be limited to deciding “which points they want to add or change…”. The Dictator says that the junta provided all the issues and questions, and the puppets just come up with the answers, no doubt with further “advice” from the bosses.



One response

13 10 2014
Yanking the puppets’ strings | Political Prisoners in Thailand

[…] Some members of the junta-appointed NRC have quickly “denied the military is trying to steer their work, claiming guidelines given to them by the junta last week are simply intended to kick-start the reform process.” They are denying that a Defence Ministry “document listing ideas and recommendations for various aspects of reform” provided to them as they registered for the NRC. This is the same document that The Dictator, General Prayuth Chan-ocha says they should study and he…. […]

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