Yanking the puppets’ strings

13 10 2014

Some of our recent posts have pointed to the ways in which the military dictatorship is directing its puppet “assemblies” at the National Legislative Assembly and the National Reform Council. Without repeating all that we had in those posts, it is clear that the dictators are yanking the puppets strings and, undoubtedly, the puppets are responding as directed. At the same time, there are some puppets who consider themselves not as puppets but just 100% supporters of the military dictatorship.

The Bangkok Post reports on some of these supporters of dictatorship and, of course, they are found to be long-standing anti-democrats.

Some members of the junta-appointed NRC have quickly “denied the military is trying to steer their work, claiming guidelines given to them by the junta last week are simply intended to kick-start the reform process.” They are denying that a Defence Ministry “document listing ideas and recommendations for various aspects of reform” provided to them as they registered for the NRC. This is the same document that The Dictator, General Prayuth Chan-ocha says they should study and heed.

One of the puppets denying this reality is “Charas Suwannamala, an NRC member and political scientist from Chulalongkorn University…”. Charas has long been a propagandist for PAD from the beginning, cooperated with the military junta and its government in 2006-2008, and was active in Suthep Thaugsuban’s anti-democratic movement. His political views are rabidly anti-democratic and pro-monarchy. Naturally, he “insisted” that the document “offers a guideline that enables members to explore their options before pursuing reforms…”.

Remarkably he reckons that the “NRC will have the final say on the direction of the reforms.” That’s remarkable because it is disingenuous. The Dictator will only allow a “final say” if it accords with the views of the junta. But Charas is a true believer: “Charas defended the document, claiming it was well-researched and provides background information that will help members hold debates once the council starts work.” Even more startling is his claim that “[m]embers might know little about matters outside their area of expertise…”.

Relying on the military’s information for inadequately prepared members is a recipe for military gravy. Charas will get fat on it.

Also supping the military’s gravy is rabid yellow-shirt Khamnoon Sitthisamarn who described the military directions “as reasonable and comprehensive.”

Charas and Kamnoon are true blievers in the fascism of military royalism.



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