14 October remembered

14 10 2014

Over several years, PPT has posted on 14 October, remembering the sacrifices made by protesters seeking democracy and electoral politics following some 16 years of military domination. Our earlier posts are: 2009, 2010, 2012, and 2013. Sadly, we failed to post in 2011.

This year, we wish to remember the brave students and their supporters by pointing to some U.S. official documents that have been released on the period. One of the surprising things is that the documents evidence little concern about rising tension, giving most attention to U.S. interests. After the overthrow of the military regime, the attention is to “what happened.”

On our Commentary page, PPT has some further cables from the 1973-76 period, We list them here:

U.S. State Department, declassified cable on how the U.S. Embassy and the palace worked with the international media to ensure the king’s good image, 30 March 1973: palace_nat-geog_1973

U.S. State Department, declassified cable on protecting the king from criticism, 7 December 1973: king_sweden_1973

U.S. State Department, declassified cable on “creative” intervention, 22 December 1973: king_const_1973

U.S. State Department, declassified cable on attempts to censor negative reports on the queen, 11 February 1975: queen-1975

U.S. State Department, declassified cable on claimed links between the CIA and Palace Guards, 25 February 1975: palace-guards_1975

More interesting documents have been released on 6 October 1976. Some details of these are available in this report. On 18 October Ambassador Charles Whitehouse reports of a conversation with the King’s personal secretary, Mom Luang Thawisan Ladawan, indicating the king’s political views.



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