Updated: The inane and the insane

17 10 2014

Khaosod reports this:

The Thai government has insisted that there were no protests against junta leader and Prime Minister Gen. Prayuth during his visit to Italy, despite numerous international media reports and photographs that suggest otherwise.Milan_protest7

According to a spokesperson from the Office of Prime Minister, images of a demonstration against Gen. Prayuth on the streets of Milan, where he is attending an international summit, are fake.

“There have been claims on social media and a number of websites, especially on a website called Thai E News, about images that attempt to depict a protest against Gen. Prayuth and his delegates,” said Maj.Gen. Sansern Kaewkamnerd. “Let me stress that these claims are false.”

PPT is aware that Sansern has difficulty with the truth, especially when “explaining” the political things that make the military and its dictatorship feel uncomfortable. However, this statement borders on the inane and insane. Plenty of  photos.Milan_protest_1 Milan_protest_2 Milan_protest_3 Milan_protest_4 Milan_protest_5 Milan_protest_6 Milan_protest_8 Milan_protest_9 Milan_protest_11 Milan_protest_12 Milan_protest7

Update: A reader points out that we missed an important bit in the Khaosod report:

“I do not know the intention behind those who spread these rumours,” Maj.Gen. Sansern said. “But I am aware that there has been attempt to portray an opposition against the Prime Minister.”

Maj.Gen. Sansern added that the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) will “investigate” the websites that published photos of the protest. 

This is not the first time Thailand’s military has attempted to “save face” with claims that appear incongruous with reality. For instance, in May the army explained that a non-military provocateur “hijacked” an army loudspeaker during an anti-coup protest in Bangkok to deliver a fiery rant against foreign correspondents covering the demonstration. The junta has also attempted to deny that the 22 May takeover was in fact a coup d’etat. 

These blundering sycophants and those with the snail trails on their boots are looking more ridiculous – indeed they seem quite mad – as each day passes.



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