5,000 posts

20 10 2014

PPT was staggered to discover that our last post was the 5,000th at this blog. We were staggered because, when we began in early 2009, we actually thought that we’d only be a relatively short-lived blog.

We began when the Democrat Party-led government of that time began to expanded censorship, blocked tens of thousands of web pages it considered offensive to the monarchy and presided over numerous new charges and arrests under the lese majeste law that makes critical discussion of the monarchy a political crime. All of this in the defense of some ill-defined notion of “national security.”

We mistakenly thought that people would come to their senses and end lese majeste nonsense.

Of course, lese majeste is much more than a political nonsense. It is a political tool to maintain the royalist regime and its social and economic order.


As it happens, things have only gotten worse. So PPT continues….



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