Updated: Buying Blair

6 11 2014

PPT missed this news report and thanks a reader for sending it on to us.

One of Britain’s most detested politicians is former Prime Minister Tony Blair. Out of the blue, Blair showed up in Bangkok to appear with The Dictator. Is this odd? Not for Blair. He can be hired by dictators worldwide.

Blair and Dictator

The report states that The Dictator was “paid a visit by former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.” We suspect that this should read that former British Prime Minister Tony Blair was paid to visit The Dictator.

The Dictator and Blair are said to have “mostly discussed the Thai political situation and the Thai government’s future plans.” Must have been a short discussion as Blair knows nothing about Thailand’s politics.

The report says that:

During his visit to Thailand, Mr Blair paid a courtesy call on Gen Prayut at Government House, with a view to introducing himself to the new Thai premier and bolstering the friendship between Thailand and the UK. On this occasion, Gen Prayut gave Mr Blair a warm welcome and lauded him for his roles in the resolution of global conflicts.

Prayuth probably means the Middle East, where the only success has been in consultancy fees paid. Or maybe Kazakhstan.

BlairThat Blair is a hired sock puppet was confirmed when he was quoted as saying “he understood the reasoning behind Gen Prayut’s move to seize power and the urgency of resolving the national conflicts.”

Blair seems to understand dictatorship and repression. He “expressed confidence in the government’s ability to move the country forward in all dimensions while encouraging it to continue clarifying its plans for future political and economic directions to the international community.”

Sounds like The Dictator and the military junta got value for money. Tax payers were screwed, again.

Update: Tony Blair’s office has denied that their boss is supporting the junta. They state:

Tony Blair met with the Thai Prime Minister during the course of his visit to Thailand. In line with EU and UK Government policy, he stressed the need for democratic elections in 2015 and a return to civilian rule; restoration of the normal legal framework and the necessity for the government to abide fully by its human rights standards under the ICCPR.

Tony Blair and the PM discussed the situation in Thailand, its political complexity and the challenge of ensuring stability whilst returning to the democratic path. The PM asked for understanding of the position of Thailand.

Mr Blair has visited Thailand several times since leaving office, he has taken a keen interest in its political troubles and participated in the 2013 Conference in Bangkok convened by the then Government to try and find a way to unify the country.

They don’t actually say why he was there and who was paying for him….