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13 11 2014

Will the military dictatorship ban the new movie “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1”?

In London, as Khaosod reports, that “[a]nti-coup activists staged a demonstration during the premiere of the latest installment of [the movie] … in London to draw attention to their ‘non-fiction’ struggle against Thailand’s military junta.”

The report states that “[d]ozens of activists held up banners criticizing junta chairman and Prime Minister Gen. Prayuth Chan-ocha as they stood among a crowd waiting to see  in front of London’s Odeon Theatre on 10 November.”

A Khaosod picture

A Khaosod photo

“The Hunger Games” has become “an unlikely source of inspiration for the anti-coup movement that emerged shortly after Gen. Prayuth toppled Thailand’s elected government on 22 May 2014.” The three-finger salute from the movie became a popular form of resistance and defiance.

Khaosod reports that the London protest was “organised by a Facebook group called ‘District Thai’.” The group stated:

“Streets and beaches of Thailand may seem normal and quiet. But that is just the surface,” the statement reads. “In reality, citizens are being brainwashed, activists detained, intellectuals arrested and journalists censored. Expression of dissent became forbidden.”



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20 11 2014
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