Updated: Another bail refusal

14 11 2014

On lese majeste cases, almost no one charged ever gets bail. Sure, there are some cases, but these are a tiny minority of cases, with most having multiple bail applications rejected.

The most recent case reported is at Prachatai. A military court has refused bail to Opas Charnsuksai, a 67-year-old man, for a second time.

Charged with lese majeste for writing graffiti that lambasted the military dictatorship and The Dictator General Prayuth Chan-ocha and which is also alleged to defame the king, the court wants the sick man locked up.

The court ruled that 2.5 million baht as a bail guarantee in a lese majeste case against an aged man. Claiming that he is a “flight risk,” the court also chains, but only the “light” chains because he is sick. Chains - Copy

Prachatai states:

Arriving at the military court with a fever and cold, Opas has been suffering from hypertension and visited the hospital regularly before being detained. The Bangkok Remand Prison recently moved him from Zone 1 or the Entry Zone to Zone 5, which is a lot more crowded and where conditions are much worse.

His custody, now exceeding 30 days, is claimed to be extended a third time because “the Crime Suppression Division … need to interrogate four more witnesses and [because it has] … not finished inspecting the suspect’s fingerprints.”

The CSD might be incompetent, but the detention of lese majeste detainees without bail is a standard punishment of suspects presumed guilty by the warped justice system.

Update: There is confusion in the reporting at Prachatai. We think this is the third refusal of bail.



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