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12 12 2014

At Prachatai it is reported that the military in Khon Kaen has called in “Aree Redshirt” for wearing black as a lese majeste offence. Wearing black at about the time of the king’s birthday turns out to offensive for those who worship the king as a god (or at least feel that the social, political and economic system his image and ideology defines needs to be protected). These ultra-royalist loonies have complained about Aree’s sartorial choices.

The royalist military is filing lese majeste charges against her. Groups of looney royalists have made several complaints against her.

Aree and the four others have been detained at a military camp for several hours and several times. The military have chastised them for their incapacity to “use the royal vocabulary to refer to the revered monarchy and attend ceremonies to honour the monarchy in order to show that they love the King.”

PPT hasn’t previously noticed that the use of normal language to refer to the king has been considered a potential lese majeste offence, but in royalist Thailand under the military dictatorship, it seems that anything related to the decrepit but fabulously wealthy monarchy is a potential problem.



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