Lese majeste cases build IV

14 12 2014

It may be that the latest lese majeste case reported at Prachatai is somehow related to royal housecleaning, not least because it occurred at about the same time as the other princely purge. We are, of course, guessing. However, the avalanche of lese majeste cases suggests that there’s a a concerted tidying up going on. It could be that there will be far more serious and important announcements made in the next couple of weeks.

We speculate in this way because the latest case involves Chainarin Nopchaloemroj, the Secretary-General of the Office of the Under Royal Graciousness, accused of embezzling “money through a false royal project.” The Office is “an umbrella organization founded by [M.L.] Somlab [Kritiyakorn] and other members of the Kritiyakorn family since 2011. It was established to give support and implement royal initiatives in accordance to the king’s speeches…”. The Kritiyakorns are the queen’s family.

If readers go the the Office’s website, they’ll find that not a single name is listed under the committees of the Office, suggesting a cleansing.

Chainarin was arrested after Somlab, a former Secretary-General of the Office of the Under Royal Graciousness, filed a lese majeste complaint against him.

Graciousness nonsense

The story at Prachatai is a little unclear on details, yet it appears that other complainants were “Peuk Lerdswangpong, the head of the Rubber Holder Co-Operatives Federation of Thailand, two other individuals, and a prosecutor…” and that 13 other associates of Chainarin are included in the complaint. The report states that the “prosecutor said to the Crime Suppression Division officers that Chainarin and 13 other associates falsely claimed about a royal project for personal economic benefits.”

Chainarin is accused of “asking nearly a hundred … high ranking public administrators and businessmen to participate in a program called ‘Pillar of the Kingdom’, in which an individual participant was charged up to 100,000 baht (about 3,050 USD)…. The program was organized in May 2014.” Some of those involved were “Jeerasak Sukontachat, the permanent secretary of the Ministry of Labor, Gen Worapong Sanganetra, the deputy commander of the Thai Army, and Charun Inthachan, the president of the Constitutional Court…”.

Each of these royalists was “led to believe that the program was a part of the royal initiative” and they felt driven to be a part, paying the large sum in order to be seen to be obedient royal flunkies.

Apparently, Chainarin was first arrested on 17 November 2014 after a military raid on the Office of the Under Royal Graciousness.

One of the Office’s projects was recently trumpeted by state firm EGAT.




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15 12 2014
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