16 12 2014

112While PPT doesn’t track its clicks and views all that seriously, we just noticed that we passed the 2 million mark a week or so ago.

We acknowledge this milestone with deep sorrow.

It was never intended that this site would go on and on. We began by wanting to bring some international attention to the then Democrat Party-led government of 2008-11 crackdowns that meant rapidly expanding censorship, blocking tens of thousands of web pages and hundreds of new charges and arrests for political crimes associated with the lese majeste and computer crimes laws.

We had hoped that elections and good political sense would see the use of these draconian laws and political repression go the way of the dinosaurs.

Sadly, that hasn’t happened, and the end of this reign and the prince’s succession, currently underway, and the context of a royalist military regime suggest darker days still.



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