Of fools and other officials II

26 12 2014

When it comes to unreflective dolts and sycophants, almost nothing tops the cretins responsible for hunting down lese majeste.

Yes, we know that these functionaries are wary of their own positions when lese mejeste is on the agenda, but most of them are zealous servants of leaders who use lese majeste in order to repress. In a remarkable demonstration of this, at Khaosod, it is reported that a Thammasat University “has been summoned by police for organising an academic forum that allegedly insulted two dead Thai kings.”

Police summoned Pipat Krachaechan, “to testify on the lese majeste (insulting the monarchy) charge that has been filed against a panelist [Sulak Sivaraksa] who spoke at his forum on 5 October 2014.” Sulak is accused of defaming a monarch who has been dead for about 400 years and another who has been dead for almost 150 years.

By “raising doubts about a historic elephant battle between an ancient Thai King and a Burmese general 400 years ago. He is also accused of insulting Rama IV in his speech at the 5 October forum.”

Of course, the lese majeste law has no jurisdiction over dead monarchs. It refers only to the king, the queen, the crown prince and regent. But the cretinous but zealous functionaries care not about the letter of the law, for they are protecting social, economic and political privilege and power.

Their illegal use of lese majeste (yes, we know this is a weird construction) is “explained”:

“Mr. Sulak Sivaraksa has referred to Somdej Phra Naresuen the Great and Somdej Phra Chomklao Chaoyookhua (Rama IV) in a way that insults, defames, or threatens His Majesty the King,” said a statement released by police today.

The charge against Sulak was filed by retired military officers on 17 October 2014.

The madness of royalists might be dismissed were it not known that “insulting” dead kings has led to jail for a defendant who made mention of the reign of King Mongkut involving people in slavery, a clear historical and undisputed fact.



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