11 01 2015

The military dictatorship knows that political symbols can be powerful. That’s why they spend buckets of taxpayer money on promoting the monarchy. In some ways, this has become both a deathwatch and a strange symbolic invisibility.

Yellow ChickensWhen The Dictator demanded that the whole country wear the king’s yellow for a month, the deathwatch element of the symbolism was clear. At the same time, though, the wearing of yellow was symbolic of the political victories of the anti-democrats, from the military’s use of yellow in its 2006 coup, to the People’s Alliance for Democracy and the ultra-monarchists who ravage human rights with the illiberal use of the lese majeste law.

Yellow is General Prayuth Chan-ocha’s preferred color because it is symbolic of hierarchy and authoritarianism.

So when a couple of woman wear black against Prayuth’s orders, this is identified by military and other fascists as symbolic resistance and repressed.

More significantly, the military dictatorship hates and fears red. This color is symbolic of support for electoralism, Thaksin Shinawatra and opposition to dictatorship. Most recently, “security authorities” have demanded that red shirts be exchanged for white shirts at the 100-day ceremony to mark the death of Apiwan Wiriyachai.

No symbols that are not military or royal are permitted in Thailand under the military dictatorship.



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