Puppet master

11 01 2015

General Prayuth Chan-ocha, self-appointed as premier, and heading a government of sycophants and puppets doesn’t read PPT. He certainly has others read it for him so that they can report on the republican “plot.” They are probably unwilling to tell him that as well as referring to him as The Dictator (which he’d probably like) but not that we also see him as a royalist puppet master. Indeed, if he did understand this, why would he allow himself to appear on stage, performing for children, as The Puppet Master?

Prayuth Puppetry

Prayuth as puppet master, clipped from the Bangkok Post webpage

We also wonder about the crown on the puppet. Lese majeste perhaps?

Both the Bangkok Post and Khaosod English report on The Dictator’s speech to children.

Thailand’s National Children’s Day has long been an occasion for royalist and militaristic propaganda, and under the military dictatorship, Prayuth added his personal propaganda, the so-called Twelve Values, a set of trite commands that he reckons give “correct understanding” of society.

This is the stuff of tin pot dictators the world over, and Prayuth is little different.

Hi entreaty to Thailand’s children that, “If we only learn about freedom and democracy, without learning about duty, or if we only focus on materials and technology, we will not survive,” is a heartfelt rejection of liberalism and electoral politics. But, then, we all knew he hates freedom and democracy, which he sees as threatening to the military’s authoritarianism and royal prerogative.

As a man with limited knowledge and no understanding of morality, when Prayuth lectures children of these, he is mocking the nation and ignoring his personal responsibility for the murder of red shirts in 2010. He justifies his immorality when he asks:” what is morality?” and answers that it “is knowing what is good, and doing it. Don’t do what is bad. Always act morally and think of other people.” Prayuth really does believe that he has saved the nation and monarchy.

This is why he tells children (and himself) that “they could not allow anybody to divide the country when the government was trying to heal rifts though reforms.”

Interestingly, most children in Bangkok neglected The Dictator, with one survey claiming that “only 4% said they wanted to visit Government House.”

Prayuth is convinced – supported by the sycophants who serve him – that he is a popular, even a populist, leader. In truth, he is a murderous dictator.



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