Updated: What royalists want

14 01 2015

Royalists are a demanding lot. They want loyalty. They want order. They want ideological correctness. They want all their opponents and those who do not fit their fundamentalist position locked up or silenced. Because of this desire to silence, repress and oppress, they relish the use of Article 112 or the lese majeste law as it is quite effective in generating self-censorship and is effective in jailing those who bravely speak out.

This is why we see royalists, and especially those who serve the military dictatorship, going after those considered disloyal, even when they have a history of mental illness. Because they paranoiac themselves, perhaps they do not notice psychiatric problems in others. Or perhaps they are just very nasty and very vindictive and consider that making a lesson out of every “violator” is important in maintaining their fundamental maxims of loyalty, order and ideological correctness.

This is why they create hatred against those they see as enemies. That hatred can result in jailing, torture, bashing and other attacks by thugs, online harassment and more. The most recent example involves the incitement of supporters to attack the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees. In recent days, the ‘UNHCR Thailand’ Facebook page has closed following online attacks and threats by royalists unhappy that lese majeste victim Ekaphop Luera was granted political refuge in New Zealand.

Prachatai states that “[h]undred[s] of hate comments from the Thai royalists were … showered the page[s]” of royalist vigilantes. For example, the ultra-royalist V for Thailand Facebook page says: “The next measure is to pressure the UNHCR to get out of Thailand.”  People’s Alliance for Democracy fascist Suriyasai Katasila as supporting the attacks on the UNHCR.

In the end, royalists want a return to feudalism or at least a return to mid-20th century military authoritarianism that suppresses all opponents of the existing order.

Update: And, yes, they also want to be rewarded for their royalist fundamentalism. Khaosod reports that that amember of the Thai junta’s [puppet] reform body has suggested that all of his colleagues receive royal decorations as a reward for the ‘sacrifices’ they are making for the country.” PPT choked on our mid-afternoon khao nieow mamuang at the local food court.




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